Yeticool ET8
Yeticool ET8
Yeticool ET8
Yeticool ET8
Yeticool ET8
Yeticool ET8
Yeticool ET8
Yeticool ET8
Yeticool ET8
Yeticool ET8
Yeticool ET8

Yeticool ET8

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• The portable refrigerator is intended for storing fresh food.
• Thanks to high-class insulation and an efficient compressor, the cooling process is extremely fast.
• The fridge can be powered from battery (modular or external), AC 100-240V, DC 12 / 24V or by using solar panel (only with modular battery installed – not included)
• The modular battery slot allows the installation of the battery inside the device. Battery sold separately.
• For battery power, use only compatible batteries offered by the manufacturer. The use of an incompatible or non-original battery may damage the device and void the warranty.
• 15600mah battery allows you to maintain the temperature inside the device for up to 10 hours (5°C/41°F at an ambient temperature of 25°C/77°F)
• The gel ice pack is located under the lid of the refrigerator. It helps to keep the temperature inside the device low after it has been turned off. The ice pack freezes on its own when the refrigerator is used in sub-zero temperatures. The time of freezing and operation of the ice pack depends on the time of its exposure to sub-zero temperature.
• The device has multi-level protection of the vehicle battery against discharge and overvoltage protection to protect against sudden voltage surges in the electrical network.
• The control panel with a clear LCD screen enables intuitive control of the device.
• The fridge is equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter. This allows you to control it using an application designed for mobile devices (Android / iOS).
• Built-in USB socket allows you to charge external devices such as a smartphone or tablet.
• Ergonomic handle offers convenient carrying.

• Supply voltage: 12/24V DC, 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 12-50V – solar panel
• Rated current: 12V/4A, 24V/2A, 100-240V/0.3-0.8A 50V/10A - solar panel
• USB socket: 5V/1A
• Number of cooling chambers: 1
• Usable capacity: 8liters/2,1gal
• Cooling temperature range: from +20°C to -20°C (from 68°F to -4°F)
• Energy consumption: 45W
• Climate class: N, T, SN, ST
• Ambient temperature: from +10°C to +43°C (from 50°F to 109°F)
• Noise level: 45dB
• Refrigerant: R1234YF (20g)
• GWP: 4
• Communication Type: Bluetooth 5.0 (working range - up to 10m/32,8ft)
• Frequency band: 2402MHz – 2480 MHz
• Maximum radio-frequency power: 2 dBm
• Dimensions (W x H x D) in mm: 393 x 443 x 251 (inches: 15,5" x 17,5" x 9,9")
• Net weight: 8,1kg(17,8Ibs)
• Portable fridge with compressor
• Gel ice pack
• 12/24V power cord (length: 3.5m/11,4ft)
• AC/DC adapter with 100-240V power cord (EU/UK)
• User manual

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