Yeticool BX40 Blue
Yeticool BX40 Blue
Yeticool BX40 Blue
Yeticool BX40 Blue
Yeticool BX40 Blue
Yeticool BX40 Blue
Yeticool BX40 Blue
Yeticool BX40 Blue
Yeticool BX40 Blue

Yeticool BX40 Blue

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• The tourist fridge is used to cool food.
• The cooling process is extremely fast due to the high class insulation and the efficient compressor.
• The fridge can be DC (100-240V) or AC (12 / 24V).
• The device has multi-level protection of the vehicle battery against discharge and overvoltage protection to protect against sudden voltage surges in the electrical network.
• The control panel with a clear LCD screen enables intuitive control of the device.
• The fridge is equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter. This allows you to control it using an application designed for mobile devices (Android / iOS).
• Built-in USB socket allows you to charge external devices such as a smartphone or tablet.
• Ergonomic handles, telescopic handle and wheels enable comfortable movement of the device.
• Possibility of connecting an external power supply battery, allowing the temperature inside the device to be maintained for up to 22 hours (5 ° C / 41 ° F at an ambient temperature of 25 ° C / 77 ° F). Battery sold separately.
• Anti-slip cover with space for bottles or glasses

• Supply voltage: 12/24V DC, 100-240V AC
• Rated current: 12V/5A, 24V/2.5A, 100V/1.2A, 240V/0.5A
• USB socket: 5V/1A
• Number of cooling chambers: 1
• Cooling temperature range: from +20°C to -20°C (from 68°F to -4°F)
• Average energy consumption: 45-60W (depending on the ambient temperature)
• Annual energy consumption: 83kWh/year
• Usable capacity: 39 liters/10,3gal
• Climate class: N, T
• Ambient temperature: from +16°C to +43°C (from 61°F to 109°F)
• Noise level: 38dB
• Communication Type: Bluetooth 5.0 (working range - do 10m/32,8ft)
• Dimensions (W x H x D) in mm: 586 x 475 x 378 (inches: 23” x 18,7” x 14,8”)
• Net weight: 13kg(28,6Ib)

• Portable fridge with compressor
• 12/24V power cord (length: 3.5m/11,4ft)
• AC/DC adapter with 100-240V power cord (EU/UK)
• User manual