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What kind of power supply?

All of our products have either 12V or 24V power supply.

Will the refrigerator run out the car battery?

No ,it won't ,because there's low voltage detection proceedure in the refrigerator ,the refrigerator will be cut off automatically to protect your vehicle’s battery when the vehicle’s battery is in low voltage.

Why some portable refrigerator is much more cheaper than yours?What difference?

That's semiconductor refrigerator,ours are compressor refrigerator.The semiconductor refrigerator only can reach 5℃ in summer,which is unable to make the drink cold,also the lifetime is short ,usually 1-2 year will broke ;compressor refrigerator can reach -20℃,easy to make ice and keep food flesh and drink cold all the time ,also lifetime is over 10 years.

How about the cooling performance?

Only 20 minutes can reach 0 ℃,and 40minutes to reach -20℃,2 hours to mae warter frozen

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