Yeticool Compressor


The compressor coolbox maintains cold or freezing temperatures inside, even on the hottest days. This electric coolbox is ideal for mobile use, on your motorhome, your boat trip and even for barbecues at home, where a compressor coolbox can be connected to mains power and provide temporary additional storage for food and beverages.

An advantage of compressor coolboxes over other types of electrical coolbox is that they offer more than portable refrigeration alone, they can also operate as a portable freezer! Deep-freeze using 12/24 V DC and 100–250 V AC – compressor coolboxes are even solar compatible! As one of the most high-tech electric coolboxes on the market, our whole range can be temperature controlled via its Bluetooth app.


Pick an electric coolbox according to the ambient temperature and your requirements.

A 12 V electric car coolbox is engineered to run on the 12 V cigarette lighter plug during your road trip to keep food and beverages cold or warm. It’s designed to be used while travelling and can easily fit in your car.

If you are going for a trip for a longer preiod of time the best option is the compressor cooler.

Unlike a absorbtion cooler that can only cool your things down depending on the ambient temperature or a thermoelectric cooler that rather keeps things cold whereas you need to make sure they were cooled down before inesterting them into the cooler, the compressor cooler is a real deal.

You can not only put much more inside (With Yeticool you have up to 100 liters of cooling compartments) you can freeze your snacks & drinks up to -20°C even when the cooler is outside in the heat of the hottest sun.

The DualZone is another convininent option which allows you to have both cold and freezed things due to seperarate cooling chambers.

If you want to go a setup further you can opt in for a buil in modular battery cooler or get the additional SX1 battery for up to 22 hours of work without any external power supply and truly get the most out of your cooler on your next adventure

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