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We offer heavy-duty coolers with the exception of a electric compressor, that allows you to not only use the YetiCooler as long as you need, without worrying about coolpads, but allows also to control the set temperature,and even have two separate cooling compartments,one for cooling and for freezing as well.

Ohh, and did we mention you can control your cooler using an App?

YetiCool We make your trips cooler.



YetiCool is a brand under the management of TOTAK, whereas the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of YetiCool is Arkas Sp.z.o.o,

Contact: produkt@arkas.pl

Service Contact

Kuziennicza 4
Jawor 59-400, Poland

Email: produkt@arkas.pl

NOTE: All ongoing service, and product maintenance is done by a third party company.

Details: Arkas Sp.z.o.o Kuziennicza 4 59-400 Jawor