Yeticool coolers

Yeticool coolers
Are you going on vacation with a camper or a campsite? You will need a cooler!

Yeticool products will be the perfect equipment.

Yeticool offers 3 types of tourist coolers:

  • portable refrigerator with compressor and built-in battery
  • portable refrigerator with a compressor with the possibility of connecting external batteries
  • a portable refrigerator with a compressor, but with two refrigerating chambers (one can be a freezer and the other a refrigerator, because each has a separate control) and with the possibility of connecting external batteries.

These refrigerators can have a different capacity of 30 l, 40 l, 42 l, 52 l and, accordingly, a different weight of about 11, 13, 15 kg, 16 kg. The volume of these models is 38 dB - very quiet.

What can these coolers do?

  • cool from +20 to -20 degrees.
  • move freely thanks to wheels, telescopic handle and ergonomic handles. Large wheels do great on loose surfaces - sand and gravel!
  • they can even charge a tablet or phone thanks to the fact that they have a built-in USB socket

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