A cooler that you will take on a trip

A cooler that you will take on a trip

Refrigerators with replaceable cartridges are a thing of the past. New generations of cooling devices appear on the market, the IQ of which is dangerously close to the quotient of more than one owner. It is no different with YetiCool refrigerators with a compressor.

They are equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter, which allows you to contact the owner and control them using an application for mobile devices - on Android and iOX platforms. They can also be managed by traditional methods - using a panel with a liquid crystal screen. Each also has a USB socket, with which you can charge your tablet or phone.

Difficult choice
Deciding on a particular model is not easy. The offer includes eight different products from four series: BPX, PX, BX and TX. They mainly differ in size. The BPX series has a built-in 15600 mAh battery, which is able to maintain the temperature inside the device for up to 22 hours, at a set temperature of 5 ° C, and external temperature: 25 ° C. This is a great result. In other series, it is possible to connect an external power battery, which is sold separately.

The TX series refrigerators, with a capacity of 36 or 50 liters, have a built-in double compartment. Each of them works independently and each can be controlled independently via the application.


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